Our Idea, Our Business, Our Website: How Liferay The Best WCM Helped Us Succeed

For any modern enterprise need to build a website Liferay comes as the invaluable choice. It offers a robust feature rich platform to build a high performance site in no time. It allows serving all your clients across a variety of devices including desktop, mobile, tablet PCs or anything. It allows great scopes of customization is ideal for developers to build their custom apps. It has evolved as one of the most preferred content management platforms in the present time. It has everything for users, businesses and developers. Here is how Liferay really helps to deliver a revolutionary web experience.

Customising Work Experience

With Liferay Portal users can enjoy personalising the pages as per their taste, preference, and requirement. From changing the way pages look to the choice of tools and applications to saving options for your document library and control of access to incorporating personal emails and existing calendar events, as a user you enjoy the highest liberty with personalisation features.

It Offers All Kinds Of Tools

Apart of the common array of tools Liferay Portal offers a great collection of out-of-the-box tools as well. From content management menu, web publishing, collaboration tool to social networking and workflow features, you get all sorts of tools you need.

User Friendly

Liferay Portal’s biggest draw is the unparalleled ease-of-use.  You can effortlessly switch to different look and feel, change configurations, themes, and layout of the page.

Simple UI Building

With Liferay Portal the developers experience the utmost simplicity in building UIs for a wide variety of websites ranging from internal, external, and channel websites. With a single presentation layer one can easily integrate all enterprise systems just within a single user friendly interface.

Flexible Integration Framework

With Liferay Portal through the single presentation layer a multitude of contents and services can be integrated. There is an array of integration methods available including SOAP, REST, RSS, besides that of API’s.

Custom Fields

With Liferay administrators can easily customize user attributes by editing, adding, and changing various elements like user name, company, date, or any other information.

Role Based Delivery Of Content

With Liferay portals several user types can enjoy access a single URL and can also access a unique view of a page based on the role of the user or other attributes like users group, organization or preferences.

Multiple Language Support

Another big draw for Liferay portals is its support for an array of international languages. Companies working all over the world or addressing multi-lingual audience across the locations will enjoy support for more than 30 international languages. Just with a click users can switch between different language settings and opt for their preferred language of communication. Moreover, it also helps adding other languages easily.


The social integration of Liferay comes as robust with it’s inbuilt support for OpenSocial 1.1. This allows developers creating new avenues to integrate social sharing capabilities with any enterprise website.  Thanks to OpenSocial, managing and maintaining web-based social sharing apps and tools that are developed in the devices become extremely easier. The developers can easily deploy such apps to websites right from the devices.



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