5 UX Design Mistakes And Their Remedies

While the popularity of mobile apps are continuing, it is the user experience which remains crucial for the success of apps. Ease of use, accessibility, loading speed, elements to push business conversion are some of the unmistakable elements of a successful app. There are multitude of apps that lack many of these elements just because of non-optimised UX. Let us introduce here 5 lethal UX design mistakes and their remedies.

Developing With Wireframing

Wireframing is a crucial part of any app development process. Why wireframing is needed by developers? Well, wireframing helps planning well in advance with a structured app blueprint. Basically this blueprint  takes care of anything that goes wrong in the development process. Are you building your app without utilising wireframing? Well, you may not have a better and richer control of the whole process of app development. You can consider its smarter to do without wireframing but it can lead to severe performance issues.

Achieving More With Less

Some developers and designers still consider offering bundle of features and design elements is smarter. This notion often ends up making the app heavy with loads of features and stylish design elements while the performance suffers terribly. On the other hand, if you look at any successful apps you will see how light and minimalist a design they adopted. Actually, offering less and achieving more with less features and design elements has become the new way of designing smart. Does your app design takes care of this? If not, it is time to shift your approach towards minimalism.

Speed Is Important

Speed is Important

Do you know most users just drop an app if it fails to load in few seconds? Well, as a designer you should know that today’s users have a terribly short attention span and you need to address their impatience with a fast paced app. All your design elements should optimise the loading speed. Minimalism us a nice solution both for quick accessibility and ease of use. Another approach that web apps can embrace us the lazy loading that loads on the basis of user access.


Does your app offers a very original look and feel or does it resemble several other apps in your niche? Yes, being original in look, feel and contents is a crucial way to establish your brand value to the users. Moreover, with millions of apps swarming the app marketplace if is crucial to maintain a standout look to get discovered quickly. Without something unique and original you cannot make your app memorable. Big while being unique you cannot sacrifice the ease of use and accessibility.

Consistency Does matter

If you have designed an app that looks different and scattered across the pages, you have committed the terrible mistake if being inconsistent. From the page layout to the menu buttons to the CTA to the app colours, in every respect your app should look and feel consistent.


Lastly, the piece of advice from most experienced designers is that you need to maintain utmost simplicity and stay clear if the design clutters. Always make it a priority to help ease of access with quick to interact elements. You can avoid the design clutter by incorporating lot of white if blank space around your contents and clickable areas.




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