Kunjan Dalal, CEO of Aurosys Technologies on The Future of Content Management and Technology Leadership

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Web content management is going to remain as the serious field of contention as always. But with new technologies and changing the landscape of competition on the web making things tougher for businesses to remain discoverable, we need to evaluate the trends that are shaping the web today.

We approached CEO of Aurosys Technologies, Mr. Kunjan Dalal to provide us some valuable insights concerning the future of web content management and technology leadership. We interviewed Mr. Dalal recently for his views on these aspects.

As the CEO of Aurosys, what is your opinion about the key aspects of leading a company that is the frontier of innovation?

When you lead a technology company that is at the frontier of innovation, there are a lot of challenges that you need to deal with. First of all, it is about having a clear vision of what is going to unfold next. You know, most developers while meeting the present challenges in the development process, just do not get enough time or peace of mind to concentrate on development. This is where few leading thinkers play a big role. Being completely absorbed in the development process is not will not help you take the lead. You need to think beyond the immediate demands of the development tasks in hand.

Can you name one single massive trend for the future of content management?

“In my opinion, Content as a Service (CaaS) is going to be the biggest trend, especially for enterprise websites and content platforms. In 2017, we can see marketers gearing up to ensure providing straight-up content streams or Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) more than ever before. Keeping close affinity to this trend another major trend that is worth mentioning is enhanced the ability of the users to customise their contents. If you look at the content trends that are unfolding for some years, you will see how users are increasingly having higher autonomy over the choice of contents that are served to them.”

What trends do you think will lead the web content management in the coming months?

“There can be hardly any doubt over the fact that content still leads the digital world. As commerce is increasingly coming over mobile, we can expect WCM to grow continuously in relevance. Even if you still see many businesses left out of the digital world, in the coming time we can expect bigger footfall from these companies in the digital world. When most businesses will find having the digital presence as something they cannot think without, contents is going to play the most crucial role for augmenting their presence. With the demands of contents over the web to reach an all-time high, there will be more insistence on personalized contents.”

How do you think digital marketers of future years are going to approach WCM? 

“If you look at the present trend and few WCM platforms, you must realise that the writing on the wall is more or less clear. What is that? It is the role of WCM platform as the aggregating space for a wide variety of marketing data. The latest rise of WCM vendors like Sitecore is a great example of this phenomenon and there are already others that are following it”.

“It irrevocably true that having all of your data of customer, transaction, and email as well as social interactions in one web space is tremendously advantageous since this allows easier scopes of personalization. To take decisions for the individual channel you can also grab separate omnichannel analytics”.

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