Machine 2 Machine Services

Machine 2 Machine communications via Web or Mobile interface developed by AuroSys helps automate business processes and streamline operations, allowing enterprises to minimize costs and maximize revenues by using our expertise and emerging potential of smart devices. AuroSys has mastered M2M communication as a modern approach using a broad range of fixed and wireless technologies.

Concurrent advances in wireless technologies, wider availability of application services and the upcoming business-customer demands are fueling the M2M industry leveraging IoT capabilities to grow faster in today’s competitive market. The M2M ecosystem is developing and creating tremendous opportunities beyond the traditional M2M market segment for verticals like Aerospace, Automobile, Utilities/Smart Grid/Energy/Telemetry, Transportation and Logistics, Security/Surveillance, Healthcare, Retail/Vending, Consumers, Environment, Education, Military, etc.

Our M2M Service Expertise includes

  • Application Enablement & Integration
  • Integrated M2M Terminals
  • Generic Communications & Logistics
  • Remote Entity & Device Management
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Security Systems Integration & Deployment
  • Historical Data Retention
  • Energy Data Management
  • Smart Grid & Metering
  • Transactions Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Interworking Proxy
Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Solutions

Some of the Industry Specific Solutions

Industry M2M Solutions
Retail POS, Order Management, Employee Management, Stock Inventory Management
Security Surveillance Applications, Alarms, Tracking (Object/Person)
Transportation Fleet Management, Emission Control, Toll, Smart Metering, Fuel Control
Healthcare eHealth, HMS Integration, Telemedicine
Smart Energy Control & Measurement, Provisioning/Billing for Utilities, Smart Grids, Metering
Supply Industry Freight Supply and Distribution Monitoring, Franchise Management, Utilities Usage Control
Miscellaneous Automation, Public Lighting, Waste Management, Traffic Management & Signals, Municipal Governance