The Role Of Technology In Creating A Humanistic Business Culture

We are increasingly getting accustomed to high tech maneuvers, whether at home or at workplace or at transport. Technology in all respects is adding values to our life and while saying so, we are also taking consideration of the human face of business. The biggest influence of technology has been in business. From making business operations easier to allowing richer and deeper interactions across business verticals, technology has really changed the way business is done. Most important of all, thanks to technology now customers have more power and influence on decision making than ever before. Technology is no longer just an innovative mean to bear the competition and come out victorious, it is more a mean to initiate long term relationship with customers and all collaborators and stakeholders.

Technology Made Customers As Powerful As CEO

Technology Made Customers As Powerful As CEOMost companies agree today that the customers have unprecedented power today on the overall business process. Let us understand the power of consumers in business world from two different perspectives. First of all, it is the qualitative focus that became the single most competitive factor and customers having the influencing power of creating public consensus can make big difference to make bad publicity of products and services not qualitatively optimised as per the standard. This new power of creating consensus has been possible because of web and web based social platforms connecting millions.

Secondly, consumers from the perspective of the business houses has become a driving force to introduce new technologies and methods of interaction. Businesses now depend on consumer stats to devise maneuvers and decisions that influence the business outcome. Data driven analytics in the one hand opened vistas of opportunity for businesses to locate potential opportunities and loopholes they need to address and at the same time this analytics once again offered renewed importance to consumers and took them to the centre stage of decision making process.

Seismic Changes In Manpower Management

Seismic Changes In Manpower ManagementTechnology besides taking the consumers in the centre stage of decision making process also made businesses equipped with another humanistic stance. The human face of addressing collaborators, stakeholders, associated and employees has reached a new height thanks to new technologies in workplace environment that are helping to create human bonds stronger.

Today’s workplaces are more collaborative and communicative in nature than it was just a decade before. No longer the top management remains like a mystery-shrouded island with all the powers concentrated with them. The business management is now more collaborative and there is larger scope for employee led innovation and productivity. Deeper bonds among the workforce and the management thanks to collaborative and mutually involving tools has created a new environment where the so called structural commands have largely been dismantled creating new scopes of inputs from anyone and everyone within an organisation.

To conclude, we must say that the innovation has emerged as the biggest force to initiate progress and help foster new approach in companies. This focus on innovation obviously resulted in nurturing talents and creating workplace environments where each individual can find the right atmosphere to create value for the organisation while ensure growth for their career. This is the new human face of businesses shaped by technology.



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