Need Transformation? Invite Technology

Technology continued to add value to our lives in more ways than one. If you look back at the expression of human lives just few decades before and see the way we live our life today, the difference alone says the immense value created by technology. From our daily life to the world of business to all facets of human endeavours, our life and livelihood on planet earth are being shaped by technological innovations. Naturally if your business and organisation remains unadaptive to the innovations and progress offered by the technology, it is bound to take counterproductive outcome. So, technology not only should be welcomed for transformation, but it should be considered as the very measure of progress.

Mobility Is More Than Just Devise Now

Consider the impact of mobility in enterprises and workplace environments now and you are bound to recognise the massive change it brought in the span of less than a decade. Industrialists are of opinion that mobility has brought the biggest boost to productivity standard and quality output. When asked about the impact of mobility on enterprise IT, Kunjan Dalal the CEO of Aurosys Technology said, “Mobility made our manpower more efficient and created new avenues to nurture talents to achieve organisational goals. While it’s the pace of the innovation in mobility that may seem overwhelming, the real condition of success is to cope up with it”.

From Mobility To Wearable

Wearable after being unearthed through an array of wrist hugging devices that work in synchrony with the mobile devices, they are now more matured to work and function quite independently. And more than just smartwatches and fitness bands wearable devices continued to expand to other device types including smart shoes. So the field of transition from mobility to wearable is all set and with more and more enterprises focussing to unleash the wearable apps, they are continuing to gain importance. Does your business have a wearable strategy in place? If not, this is time you focus on it.

Living In A Connected World

We are increasingly living in a connected world populated by interconnected devices, synced apps and smart interfaces. Gadgets had their connectivity earlier too. Devices remained connected years ago just as today. But the greatest high tech revolution that we refer as Internet of Things refers to a connected platform shared by devices is a recent phenomenon. IOT emerging as the connected platform of devices across various environments including workplace, home, vehicles and public places has been embraced by individuals and businesses alike. A connected world of devices and interfaces helped boosting efficiency, saving time and enhancing productivity standard.

A Data Driven Universe

All the printed and audiovisual data produced until the beginning of the new millennium was surpassed by the digital data produced within previous five years. Actually, the ever increasing volume of digital data and the speed of their growth will become manyfold compared to where it stands today. So, a world bursting with staggering volumes of digital data stepped into a science to make more meaningful use of this data. Thus we got Big Data. This huge volume of digital data began to be the greatest reserve to draw analytical and actionable insights for businesses and administration. In a data driven world like this data science and analytics will continue to bring larger and bigger transformation in the way businesses function.




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