Knocki, a New Way To Bestow Remote Control Ability to Any Surface

With so many gadgets and devices around us, we often feel overwhelmed. How many times you struggled to find the phone within your very room until someone called made a call to spot the ringtone? You also feel bored sometimes to control so many gadgets. What about doing all these with simple knocks on the table, door or the wall near you? This may sound futuristic but such a solution just arrived at our amazement. This is called Knocki, a new technology to bestow remote control ability to any surface.

What is Knocki?

Knocki is around and a small wireless device that you can put under or behind any surface including doors, walls, countertops, tables, furniture tops, etc. to transform the surface into a remote control.  The outcome is seemingly bewildering enough like knocking on the kitchen top to switch on light or knocking on the wall to make your phone ring an alarm.

How Knocki Works?

How Knocki Works?

Well, you do not need to be a geek to take all the advantages of Knocki. Just you need to place the Knocki either under or behind any surface like doors, tabletop, wall, etc. When you tap on the surface it is instantly perceived by the device accelerometer and this further sends commands to the gadget or app.

One Knocki can control gadgets and apps with 10 different gestures turning the surface into a full-capacity remote control. Every tapping gesture can be assigned to a single task or multiple tasks.

The Usefulness Of Knocki

Obviously, when you can exercise so much control over your home gadgets and other apps, it would be the most useful thing in your home. As for diverse use cases or examples of use, we can refer to an array of controls. Here are some use cases.

  • Just tap on the drawing room table with Knocki underneath to let your phone app book a taxi online.
  • Tap on the bedroom wall to switch on the light and at the same go turn on the TV.
  • People suffering from vision or hearing impairment can control gadgets with simple taps.
  • Make a tap on the furniture top and let your mobile phone ring.

Setting up Knocki

Setting up Knocki is simple. You only need to connect it to the WiFi network and thereafter need to link all your gadgets with the connected Knocki app. Within the companion app, you can choose different taps for different actions or set of actions. Even when your phone gets switched off, it will work by establishing a connection through WiFi.

What will you get with Knocki?


Knocki shipment pack will consist of the following things. Let us have a look at them.

  • Surface mount to attach it to a flat surface
  • For stronger attachment of the mount 3M tape
  • Knocki offers 12 months battery life with AAA Duracell batteries
  • Knocki comes with a completely free Companion App on iOS and Android platform
  • A guide for quick setup. 

The Price And Availability Of Knocki

Knocki went through crowdfunding campaigns at both Kickstarter and Indiegogo resulting in overwhelming success. The retail price of Knocki stands at $129, and it is supposed to be shipped from December 2016 year.


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