Is The End of Passwords Near?

You can harbour the notion that password has become part and parcel of digital life and so, one should give it a big importance. You just think it’s so regular that it hardly takes any serious consideration. Well, just like the passwords continuously becoming common in our everyday digital interactions, breaches of digital security are also becoming commonplace. Cyber or digital security time and again has failed due to unlocking passwords from malicious sources. Most of common instances can be attributed to weak passwords. But question is in spite of repeated warnings and almost a widespread consensus on the importance of strong passwords people still use weak and feeble passwords likens series of numbers. So, as s while the problem concerning passwords is deepening further and soon we can expect more effective alternatives to be embraced by the web based and native services.

Is the end of passwords is near and can we expect a revolutionary new technology to make things simple by strengthening authentication and and at the same time providing relief from passwords. Maybe, it is time to think advanced means of authentication. Biometric authentication with fingerprint, face detection, etc may have the answer to the challenges of passwords. But until then stronger passwords will continue to be a necessity to protect data.

The Problem With Passwords

The problem with passwords is twofold. On the one hand users are familiar with passwords but with the increasing pace of digital life passwords became commonplace more than ever. So, the volumes of passwords for multitude of services and interfaces that they need to remember made their life complex. When one uses twenty different passwords for twenty different web services of interfaces, keeping all of them on the tip if the lip remains a challenge.

Another problem is that users are very slow to adapt. They are familiar now with passwords and with the launch of new technologies to secure their data, there is no guarantee that they will be able to adapt with new technology.

From the point of view of service providers, they need to ensure optimum data safety and security by pushing the users to use strong passwords. Strong passwords is a requirement across majority of interfaces. Many top services and brands require at least 8 character passwords with a variety of capital and small letters, numbers and other characters. After ensuring so strong passwords, security breaches do not become rare, if not uncommon.

Why People Prefer Simple Passwords?

Let us unveil a truth. Among the passwords used in 2015, most of them are as simple as a series of number or a common word. Most of the passwords used are so simple that you even do not need any guesswork. A password like ‘123456’ does not need any brain to guess. Question is why people prefer these passwords. Experts are of opinion that people like simplicity over complexity when it comes to passwords. People have shown their reluctance in using strong complex passwords just because they do not want to make things complex and burdensome for their memory.


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