How Soon 5G Will Be A Reality?

We live in a connected world now. The connectivity across devices has literally transformed our life. From home gadgets to smartphones to cars to smart wearable to smart tea kettle, it is a connected world we are living in. Gartner says that by the time we reach 2020, we will have more than 21 billion connected ‘things’. With so much in promise for a connected world, the connectivity standard is also going to improve and soon we are going to live in a 5G world.

But most operators as of now are predicting that 5G is still a few years away and it is expected to be available by 2018. But with the pace networking technology is pacing up, we feel all geared up to know about how 5G will feel like or better today, how our digital life will be in a 5G connected world. Opportunities apart, will the gap between device networking ability and connection speed will create huge problems concerning compatibility? We are seriously interested to know about all these challenges and opportunities.

Let us begin with the basic and then move on to different aspects of this connectivity technology.

What Exactly Is 5G?

5G is just not a step forward from the precedent 4G technology, it is laden with more promises than that. With ultimate data speed it will make connectivity across devices a seamless, hyper real experience. While innumerable devices connecting to s network often leads to lack of bandwidth and corresponding slow speed, 5G will offer the ideal solution to this problem. Let us have a look at what the world’s leading tech brands have to say about this.

According to Cisco, 5G is actually a lot bigger than radio and by transcending mobility it offers network that can work as a platform. With the world along with its places, people and things are increasingly becoming connected, the smooth, continuous and uninterrupted digital interaction among all of them will obviously create a new era. With the lightning fast speed and hyper real collaboration and communication made possible by 5G, we can expect lot of new technologies to flourish as well.

Measuring It Against Reality

Ask any tech experts and you are likely to come across his interests on 5G technology. Many of the industry experts on the other hand still feel that 5G is not going to be a reality any sooner than 2020 and this is probably the reason why many of them just do not focus enough on this except maintaining a side glance. Most surprisingly, network operators offer the least optimistic view in this regard. They expect 5G deployment to be no sooner than 2025.

So, huge possibilities apart, you also need to measure the varying expectations about this as well.

How It Goes With Existing Technologies Does Matter

How 5G coexists with latest networking technologies and converges with them matter a lot. A vast majority of the experts feel that 5G will be a subject of both licensed and unlicensed technologies. While there will be dedicated 5G connectivity, WiFi as the unlicensed and publicly available network will play the key role in leveraging the benefits of lightning fast 5G in public life. If 5G has emerged as the new horizon of networking, lightning fast WiFi connectivity will be the face of it.


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