Bluetooth 5: New Standard For Home IOT Is Ready

Bluetooth 5 has just been released and as per the latest figures regarding this new release by the SIG (Special Interest Group) it is going to be an impressive and standout release so far. There is promise of twofold speed and the range of the Bluetooth is also four times wider making it perfect for connected gadgets and home IOT environment. The specs have been revealed for the larger audience for the first time in June this year. Now that the company has finalised the specs we can expect a rollout anytime soon.

The Challenge Faced By WiFi And New Bluetooth

In respect to the new launch one interesting point to notice is the difficulties faced by WiFi connectivity to be accessible from any part of the home. In spite of the fact that the WiFi is gradually shifting to higher speed capacity like 5Ghz most of the Internet ready devices either in home or other environments are still not equipped enough for this speed. While the Bluetooth also uses the same frequency the enhanced speed and coverage will offer solutions to most concerns.

Concerns About Interference In Connectivity

The new announcement of Bluetooth 5 though has come without any reference to the possible technical constraints, glitches and limitations, but the company assured that the new Bluetooth 5 is updated to deal with all the potential interference corresponding similar wireless technologies. The assurance of non-interference and zero compatibility issues will guarantee for Bluetooth devices. As new IOT environment is increasingly becoming sophisticated and demanding the new Bluetooth standard can help meeting the emerging requirements.

Serving The IOT Demands

As per the available data, Bluetooth is the most widely used and accepted connectivity solution embraced by home gadgets and devices in modern IOT environment. Though the technology is closely contested by WiFi. Naturally any upgrade and enhancement in Bluetooth standard is likely to result in better and richer connectivity for connected gadgets.

Highest Ever Speed And Coverage

Bluetooth 5 SpeedWhat is so interesting about this new Bluetooth release? Well, most of us are awestruck with the announcement that the speed of new Bluetooth will be five times faster. The second and most important thing is obviously the large coverage area extending to whole home and allowing device interaction across anywhere within the home. As widely expected, this will elevate the level of performance for Bluetooth and make it ideal to work with IOT devices.

Revolutionary Possibilities For Location Technologies

The new Bluetooth aims to be more reliable with optimum coverage besides offering 5 times faster connection speed. This reliability will result in less barriers for connectivity and ensure a seamless experience. This will benefit the location based technologies like Beacons which primarily depends on the Bluetooth coverage. Besides empowering home gadgets new Bluetooth standard will also revolutionize connectivity in retail stores and commercial premises where Bluetooth based location sensors like Beacons are at use.

The Future Ahead

It is boom time for IOT and connected environment, right? The astounding growth of IOT devices in home and commercial environments is bound to make Bluetooth important and crucial for device operation more than ever. With the speed and coverage given an unprecedented boost with the new release Bluetooth is likely to be the chosen technology for connecting devices in the time to come.


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