A New Security Invention: A Dongle Turning a USB Port Into a Fingerprint Scanner


At a time when the advent of overwhelming volume of gadgets and devices practically made our life harder with all sorts of security challenges, no one of us can really feel safe when it is about protecting our data.  Hackers are practically everywhere and we sense their intrusion in every now and then. The old way of ensuring digital security with a better device control through approaches such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is no longer effective in modern workplaces.

While large corporations and digitally equipped businesses can handle such security risks and vulnerabilities with sophisticated protocols and technologies, individuals seem to have less option when dealing with these wide ranging security threats. While we were all looking at askance for some magic solution that can offer us a satisfactory answer to these data breaches, a recent invention almost helped us to secure our data transferred through dongles.

The new solution to the surprise of many of us is a dongle with high security features. The dongle that we use every now and then to transfer data or to use as a portable data storage often causes us lot of worries. For example, without any signature tool for the ownership of the digital data transferred through such portable dongles, we remain vulnerable to data theft and unwanted access.

Fingerprint Recognition, A Secure And Reliable Technology

71Umd91xGEL._SL1500_Yes, you have already heard about this technology that protects your handheld device these days from unwanted access. Just by touching a button or screen with your finger you can now unlock the mobile device. It is so easy, secure and effortlessly simple. The best thing about unlocking a device with fingerprint recognition is that you can do away with all the complicated passwords and security protocols. Moreover, it is the least time consuming technology and a perfect one when you require quick access to the device interface and its contained data. Until now it has proved itself to be only reliable and easy to use technology to prevent unwanted access to devices.

What About Securing Your Dongle With Fingerprint Recognition?

Just think of the revolutionary possibility in respect of security when you incorporate the same technology in your dongle. Well, this is what the new Synaptics product offers. It is a dongle that can turn the USB port of your device into a fingerprint scanner. It looks extremely small and handy just as big as a wireless mouse adaptor that can be plugged in and can be left there.

With an overwhelming number of apps, devices and interfaces coming equipped with TouchID support, sooner or later touch and fingerprint recognition would be considered as the general standard for device specific security measures. But such a dedicated fingerprint recognition device with a handy and portable built like this is something new and truly groundbreaking.

The launch of the product from Synaptics and its availability is still to take off. As per the company the manufacturing of the new dongle will be started mostly around the end of this year and we can expect the product to be available for the wider audience only from the beginning of the next year.

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