5 Awesome Ways VR can Add Value To Children’s Lives

isvrsafeforkids-960x540Virtual Reality commonly referred as VR comes with a gamut of values for everyday life ranging from digital entertainment such as gaming to virtual expeditions and travel to a whole new reading experiences. VR has also emerged as a powerful technology to add value to the life of children. While many guardians and grownups continue to have question concerning safety and security aspects of VR for children, one needs to know the effective ways this new technology can make valuable contribution to children’s upbringing.

  1. VR Offers Virtual Journey Through Places

Just think of the way your kid can enjoy the feeling of treading through high mountain passes or sailing through the Amazon rain forest right inside the comfort of home. Yes, such virtual expeditions and traveling is made possible by sporting a VR headset and by using new VR app such as Google Expeditions. Already available in more than 120 countries it can literally offer overwhelming experience of studying geography and places in real life situations. Such virtual travel can really add value to the learning experience of kids and can help incorporating excursions more often in the classroom atmosphere.

  1. Therapeutic Healing For Neurological Disorders

Don’t be surprised. VR is now all set to be used in therapeutic healing of some neurological disorders typically found in children. Autism which is common to many kids expresses itself with a plethora of symptoms. Recently, a Washington based startup company named Floreo developed a VR enabled therapeutic system to help the kids deal with the incapabilities that are resulted from this disorder. The new system is equally effective in raising their learning as well as social skills.

  1. Helping Disabled Children

Another major way virtual reality can contribute to the kids is by helping with their disabilities. Thanks to virtual reality now therapists are able to create lively atmosphere to help their skill development whether in classrooms or at home. Virtual reality also promised the disabled children are no longer subject to seclusion as the emerging technology can offer an immersive experience for even the wheelchair sitting children. This is one of the important ways disabled kids can find themselves more socially included and communicated.

  1. Narrating Stories

If we look at our childhood, we hardly can think of our bedtime without pre-bedtime storytelling. Now, with virtual reality devices and VR apps on mobile devices, we leverage this in the present reality. Literally a mobile app with a human voice of the kid’s preference can narrate favourite stories just any time of the day including obviously bedtime. Recently, Samsung came with its own “Bedtime VR Stories” that has integrated latest VR technology to offer a true to life feeling of traditional storytelling.

  1. Helping Kids To Learn Swimming

No, virtual reality and such technologies always are not about creating digital experiences. They can also help us deal with our everyday reality as well. To your amazement, virtual reality can really help little ones to learn swimming. A VR based app can just work like a swimming coach. Children who suffer from the fear of drowning, vertigo of heights and anxiety of asphyxiation can find such apps immensely valuable to deal with these negative and deterrent aspects in their effort to learn swimming. Such apps basically help kids to do away with the nervousness involved in learning to swim.


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