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No business aspiring for an online presence can now consider an ecommerce platform with an ‘one size fits all’ approach. Just having an ecommerce site is no longer enough, it must be customised in design, feature set and user experience as well.

Now when it comes to customisation you have an array of options ranging from the most popular CMS platforms like the WordPress and the typical ecommerce only platforms like Magento or Big Commerce. There are practically no dearth of platforms to realise your aspiration of a highly customised ecommerce site with unmatched user experience score.

When you evaluate all these platforms in depth, you will realise that most of these platforms are actually built to deliver a typical ‘one size fits all’ experience’. They are basically a kind of software package with all the tentacles and hooks to allow minor differences in look and feel.

These days custom Sitecore emerged as a good option against so called ecommerce platforms that are readily adopted for building ecommerce websites. What are the key aspects that make Sitecore such an impressive option to build custom ecommerce sites? Let us explain the following advantages in brief.

Design Standardisation

Primarily most ecommerce sites remain concerned with all the elements of the user interface. The presentation layer consisting of the product display, kart, and checkout pages together make the most important aspect of ecommerce site UI. In contrast to so called ecommerce platforms Sitecore offers an in-depth customisation of site contents and design. This ability of custom design makes Sitecore an ideal option for any kind of customisation across several niches of websites including obviously retail.

Product Display

The biggest challenge for most ecommerce sites is to display products in a user optimised fashion allowing more engagement and traction. You can utilise several types of contents including product images, specs and product videos. As far as the managing of different types of contents is concerned, Sitecore does a really impressive job, often a lot better than the so called designated ecommerce platforms.

Personalised Marketing Approach

If you look at the evolving marketing strategy for vast majority of enterprises that are on the web or having a solid ecommerce presence, you are bound to recognise the overwhelming insistence and stress on personalised elements when addressing the target audience. While personalisation is actually ruling the web and user interfaces or online businesses, an online retail store or any business having any amount of online presence must focus on how the customers can be approached better with personalised elements. In this respect choosing the right CMS platform is crucial to ensure competitive edge.

As a platform Sitecore is highly equipped to allow an array of customised elements in site design and layout to make this personalisation happen. Thanks to Sitecore the customer experience can be personalised with sophisticated and interactive landing page and many such interactive design elements and features can be incorporated to allow user experience the way it is expected to be.


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