The Irrefutable Reasons To Choose Sitecore Experience Platform XP

sitecoreAs businesses are getting high tech with too many digital channels simultaneously opening up, businesses need to ensure presence across multiple avenues to target better prospect and growth. While managing several channels your business might have adopted different solutions such as one for managing your web presence, another for your social media presence and still another to take care of your marketing. You have added several solutions as and when they are needed but such disjointed solutions over a period of time only became problematic from the management perspective.

Naturally, looking out for a consistent and comprehensive platform to take care of all these solutions is quite obvious. The new Sitecore Experience Platform XP is one such robust and multifaceted platform allowing you to bring together all kinds of solutions under one roof. Sitecore solutions are worldwide popular for their versatility and ease of use.

Consistent Customer Experience With Sitecore

Sitecore is a kind of content management system that works just fine irrespective of the platform. The platform can be used to address variety of content requirements including contents for desktop website, mobile website, web store, mobile app, physical store displays and many others.

The biggest advantage that most Sitecore development services take pride of is the consistent experience across variety of channels while delivering different experiences as per the channels. This consistent user experience using Sitecore helps any business brands to maintain and strengthen the brand message.

Sitecore Offers Consistent User Experience

Sitecore offers a dedicated section for running campaigns which is called Sitecore Campaign. It is highly versatile and robust to deliver a truly omnichannel customer experience. Working as the command center for omnichannel marketing campaigns rightly guides you to deliver customer experience the way you want it. With the Sitecore campaign module at your side you can do several things like the following.

  • You can record different customer interactions
  • You can create profiles based on customer interactions
  • Track all your campaigns individually with unique code
  • You can add to your campaigns the consequent sales
  • You can evaluate your campaigns with real quick real time reports.

Sitecore Mobile: Made To Cater To The Mobile Audience

Sitecore mobile platform is flexible enough to boost the mobile web experience with native features and responsive functional layouts. It is more apt to send messages to your mobile app users by identifying their devices and geo location. It comes with ability to strike conversation contextually rather than forcing it to start all over. Finally, the personalisation of the Sitecore campaign allows delivering customers exactly what they want.

Most businesses today give utmost priority to mobile and web presence and they are most sane to do so. But while many of them just learn from hard and stumbling experience when implementing their mobile and digital strategy, there are many businesses that struggle to put it all together for a diversified user experience. From the outset it seems really tough. But in reality, the Experience Platform of Sitecore can deliver digital marketing solution that can handle the business specific needs of all corporations, whether they are large or small.


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