Doing Most With Sitecore Media Framework

Sitecore as a content management platform proved itself to be awesome in features, capabilities and flexibility. Sitecore Media Framework which is an extension of the platform to host media files within the platform is all set to deliver a great experience for delivering media contents. The framework deserves special mention and attention thanks to its unmatched capabilities. In this post we are going to explain the way you can do most with Sitecore media framework.

Key Benefits Of Sitecore Media Framework

Let us begin our discussion with the key advantages of the Sitecore media framework.

  • The framework can show videos based on the behaviour of the visitors.
  • The framework plays video on the basis of the user data concerning their video watching and playing.
  • The framework helps videos to list in the search results
  • The framework also allows uploading the videos from the Sitecore platform to other external media platforms
  • The framework also allows embedding the video easily with the help of a feature rich text editor

Sitecore Media Framework Components

To make most of the Sitecore media framework it is important to know the architecture of the framework and its components.

Sitecore items: Thanks to this component one can easily manage external media content within Sitecore. Because of this you can experience extreme ease of integration for media files with Sitecore CMS.

Media Importer: It is the component which basically works to retrieve media content from the external sources.

Media Exporter: With this component media files can be exported in external media service systems.

Media Uploader: Thanks to this component media files can be uploaded to the external media services.

Media Synchronizer: This component helps synchronising the Sitecore media with the external contents hosted by other media service providers.

Player Markup Generator: This component helps generating the HTML markup and JavaScript as and when needed by the external media service provider. External media service providers need HTML markup or JavaScript for the display of video contents.

Event Triggers: This component helps integrating Sitecore Analytics with media contents for delivering actionable insights based on media events.

Among the various types of media events captured by this component include Add Media Item Event, Playback Started, Playback Completed, Playback Time Reached, Playback Percentage Complete Reached, and Playback Error.

Cleanup Executer: This is a component that continues to remove various Sitecore items sourced through external media sources. Basically it works as a cleanup tool for the framework.

Designed To Deliver Outstanding Media Experience

Sitecore media framework is designed to deliver outstanding media experience in every possible way. It is loaded with all kinds of tools and components to make media display, playback, uploading and accessing media from third parties an easy job. Sitecore as an outstanding CMS platform is already well recognised and enterprises are increasingly preferring Sitecore because of its scalability, rich feature set and easy interface. Now, when you use Sitecore for your enterprise website, integrating media from third party sources can be more effortless thanks to this Sitecore media framework.


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