4 iOS App Development Trends You Should Watch Out in 2018

iosOnly the earning made by Apple during the New Year period in 2015 is a sure proof of the huge dominance Apple enjoys as the leading mobile platform. It made a whopping $ 1.1 billion just from the App Store and in-app purchases in that festive season.  App developers of iOS platform earned a revenue of $ 40 billion for the developers. The reputation of iOS as the highest revenue generator platform only consolidated through the years. The strength of the platform consolidated with the new launch of devices and apps for a whole range of purposes. In this year we can expect a number of iPhone app development trends to unearth.

  1. Video Sharing Apps Getting New Features Like Snapchat

The huge popularity of video sharing apps is univocally agreed upon. But for most of these apps, ease of use is crucial for success. These apps should be easy to use and interactive. They should enable audience interactive capabilities like shooting, on-spot editing and video uploading in seconds.  As per the experts of Bloomberg, there is a separate social networking app with features of platforms like Facebook and Snapchat that Apple is working on. The new video sharing capability with instant access and usability is expected to be the next big move from Apple.

  1. Swift Coding Getting Upper Hand

Swift ever since its release continued to rise in popularity thanks to a whole range of frameworks and coding methods. Apart from working on state of the art compiler infrastructure to produce reliable codes, Swift also offers a very manageable learning curve and extreme ease of use. Swift becoming open-source from 2015 has gained an overwhelming number of users in the recent times. In 2018 we can expect Swift 3.0 to be used extensively for developing apps across all Apple platforms including iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS. Swift is expected to rise as the single most important tool for building all kinds of apps in the Apple ecosystem. iPhone app development services in 2018 will adopt swift coding over C#.

  1. IoT Apps Will Grow To An Unprecedented Level

Internet of Things and the connected reality is continuing to encompass our life and livelihoods in every possible way. IOT became a buzzword among the users and developers thanks to the value the connected device ecosystem produces for our life. Until now mobile devices and mobile apps played a central role in the evolution and growth of IOT by allowing superb control and ease of access to mobile apps. As IOT integration with mobile apps will only grow, developing such apps on the iOS platform will continue to be a priority.

  1. GPS And AR-Enabled Apps

For the vast majority of the enterprise apps including the ones belonging to small and medium businesses invariably know the value of location-based technologies. Location for some years has evolved as one of the most relevant app attributes. In the time to come, iOS game development will thrive with location-based technologies at their core. As businesses are increasingly trying to make local presence GPS and other location-based technologies like Beacons will empower more iOS apps in the future.

GPS coupled up with augmented reality will drive number of apps. The latest success of Pokemon Go is an example of this trend. In 2018 we can see more iOS game development services to embrace a combination of GPS and AR to ensure a novel experience.


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