Turning Your Home Devices Into Smart Home Gadgets, Is That Easy?

Suddenly smart home gadgets became a common and everyday thing in our life. In more ways than one these gadgets are continuing to improve our life and make digital interaction easier for all facets of life and living. If in the previous two decades we have seen the emergence of a lot of home gadgets, for past couple of years gadgets are continuing to connect and communicate with each other and thus offered us a new connected reality.

While new smart home gadgets will continue to come, what about turning your old devices into smart home devices? Well, with the connected reality taking over our lives, making our old gadgets smarter with new Internet of Things technology is suddenly a promising possibility. Doesn’t it sound great if you can interact with your old TV through your smartphone or controlling your home lights through a digital interface? Most certainly, being able to connect and interact with our regular home gadgets is a something that can easily transform our life.

Before we see the emerging technologies that in the recent times offered such promises, let us have a look at the key benefits of turning your home gadgets into smart connected ones.

  • You can exercise better control over your home gadgets and enjoy better accessibility.
  • You make gadgets more efficient in every respect. From making devices power efficient to allowing quick responsiveness, thanks to IOT your old gadgets turn more efficient.
  • Old gadgets turning smart with IOT technology allows you to avail the benefits of connected environment at a minimum cost.

What About Turning Your Old Furniture Smart?

The smart home gadgets literally have mind blowing possibilities. We are agreed, but to your surprise, even the regular home furniture can be turned into smart devices thanks to latest technology like Knocki. Knocki is a small round device that helps you connect various devices and apps in home. Place a Knocki behind your door or your table and then just by tapping on them you can direct it to make things happen. If you have set the type of knocks for each action in the connected app, Knocki will guide the app to perform that action. For instance, knocking twice can be set for ordering a cab and knocking thrice can direct you to switch on the tea maker and maybe alarm as well. Isn’t it nice to do so many different things while turning every surface into smart connected interface? Well, Knocki is one of the valuable examples of how you can turn your old furniture and gadgets into smart interfaces.

Mdrive: A New Approach To Make Things Smarter At Home

Mdrive is a new Wi-Fi based IoT module system that comes with a USB interface. Making other devices connected with the USB 2.0 port you can just turn any home device into smart IoT gadgets by allowing low power Wi-Fi connectivity for the devices connected with this module via USB port. Thanks to Mdrive all your old home gadgets will turn smart home devices with easy Wifi connectivity and access to cloud. As of now, this is the most easy to use system to transform your home gadgets into smarter and connected ones.




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