The Evolving IOT: Past, Present And The Future

IOTAt a time a product could be recognized through RFID codes, it was an early example of the connected ecosystem of things. Since then, things have changed a lot. Now we have a whole ecosystem of connected gadgets and devices with intuitive interface and control mechanism. The gadgets now can be seen continuously communicating with each other for a variety of outcomes. This connected reality of gadgets, devices and accompanying apps are referred altogether as the Internet of Things or IOT.

Earlier home appliances could be controlled through their connected mobile apps. That was how the IOT ecosystem of connected devices started their journey. Now we can even control a variety of devices with voice commands. We have comprehensive apps and home control systems that are equipped with voice recognition capability to control the devices just with simple voice commands. The journey of the IOT solutions through the years deserves to be looked back and evaluated now.

From RFID Tagging To IOT

Initially collective efforts of developers and product manufacturers for finding a full proof technology to authenticate purchases and track goods resulted in the development of RFID tags. The idea paid huge dividends as soon we could track products individually over the internet. Soon, we saw most products coming with Electronic Product Code. This was how the connected ecosystem of goods started and over the time the technology continued to develop and become better. What started as the most useful tool for inventory management over time resulted in sophisticated connected ecosystem of goods.

IOT In Home Appliances

The second most important incarnation of IOT happened through electronic home appliances that with the advent of mobile apps in our life started to come with accompanying mobile app interface. Remote was replaced by mobile apps built for each connected gadgets. Soon we observed devices and appliances started to appear with their connected app for the user to control and interact with them. We were still way behind the present generation of smart home environment with Google Home and Amazon Alexa taking total control of the connected devices and appliances. But this is the time when the connected reality at home took a start.

IOT To The Industrial IOT

IOT or connected device ecosystem started as mostly a smart home phenomenon but it didn’t stop there. It continued to remain useful and effective for diverse environments and living premises. Soon we have the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) in place. Manufacturers now can enjoy better flexibility and ease of operation with the connected environment of appliances at the factories and workplaces. Thanks to Industrial IOT manufacturing process became value added and simplified to a great extent.

Soon, we have seen robust IOT gateways and industry ready platforms to appear making it further easier to allow manufacturing processes taking full advantage of the connected tools and equipments for delivering the products right in time.

IOT development companies are mushrooming throughout the world as connected gadgets and ecosystem of devices are penetrating every facet of reality. The evolution of IOT seems to be relentless and continuous without any chance of respite for years to come.

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