Mind Blowing IOT Technologies Ready To Be Adopted by Smart Office

Workspace-management-IoT-ForfendInternet of Things or IOT has almost become an everyday phenomenon now. At first they were mainly conceptualised and adopted for home automation. In the last few years we have seen an array of smart appliances and gadgets that continued to make our living better at home. But with the increasing penetration of IOT solutions in every sphere of life the workplaces could not be left behind. Now, we have some mind blowing IOT devices and real life applications helping workplaces smarter.

  • Smart Vending Machines

Every office needs computer peripherals and office stationeries every now and then. But such requirements are often met with unwanted delay due to the process of sanctioning and disbursing by respective authorities. Equipped to deliver an array of peripherals from an array of top brands these vending machines help making workplace better. With this smart vending machines in place, the delay in supply can be avoided and they can be accurately tracked by the authorities in the real time.

  • Smart Bartender At Your Office

Finally, a complete bartender machine is arrived to serve drinks to the people automatically as they step in front of the machine. Requiring no human intervention the machine can ask your drink preferences in clear British accent and serve you the drink. Obviously, you do not want it to be a boozing and partying place everyday, but for small office gatherings and parties held to celebrate small achievements, such in-office bartender machine can be a nice idea.

  • Smart Office Blinds

We already got smart blinds that can tilt automatically adjusting to the sunlight beaming in through the window in different times of the day. Now we have a more powerful and larger blind equipped with smart ability to tilt and turn as per the sunlight. With this larger version of smart office blinds now large office premises having rows of glass panels can deal with the sunlight better than ever before.

  • Smart Eating Equipments

An eating equipment that can allow measuring the calorie of the food consumed is no longer something straight out of a book of fiction. It is now a reality for all of us. For fitness minded office goers and executives strictly following a diet plan can be tremendously benefited by using a smart fork for taking their foods as it can correctly measure the consumed calories and perfect your eating rhythm to ensure a healthy diet and food habit.

  • Writing Automation

While there are countless note taking apps that help you scribble and jot down your ideas on the go, nothing really works as impressive as Livescribe is basically an IOT based pen or dictaphone hybrid device that helps you automatically transforming all your notes into digitised ones in real time.

  • A Device For Monitoring People

Every workplace strives to monitor its people. But what happens if such a thing can be allowed to do without the help of cameras? Obviously, that would be quite impressive since positioning camera in various corners and points around the premise involves some practical challenges. XANDEM is a type of intelligent IOT enabled system that allows tracking the feet movement of your people without the help of indoor cameras.


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