Is SAP leaning towards Industrial IoT?

sap-and-IoTIndustrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already here with billions of smart sensors connecting variety of intelligent systems. But we are still waiting for the digital transformation which seems to take some time to arrive here. SAP, the global leader in enterprise solutions provider can play a great role in accelerating this still pending transformation through Industrial Internet of Things.

But why SAP is considering IIOT so seriously?

Yes, such a question was already bubbling many of our minds. SAP custom development solutions for enterprises still leads way beyond most enterprise development companies and so, SAP can really stay cool on its ground without really focusing on a new breeding ground of gadgets where hundreds of companies including a vast majority of startups are fighting their heart out.

Yes, IOT is something SAP doesn’t need to be concerned with, that is what we thought. But SAP and many other leading tech companies do not think. For the past few years, almost all major tech companies are focusing on IOT and the integration of connected reality for their business process. Do you know why? They have a deep seated fear for new innovations from new startups that can shake their ground. So, getting into the space of IOT is significant for staying ahead of competition.

But when it comes to SAP, the importance is even graver. Most if the global businesses subscribing to SAP solutions either have had already an IoT program in place or considering to take advantage of this new tech reality anytime soon. Naturally, digital transformation through connected gadgets in enterprises is already underway and SAP as the leading enterprise solutions provider just cannot stay dumb to this emerging reality.

What is the vision of SAP behind its IIoT focus?

SAP is fully aware of the digital transformation which is underway and about the pace at which groundbreaking changes are happening. Thanks to widespread collaboration and sophisticated network all so called dividing lines among industries and verticals will be blurred. This will ultimately make companies work together with close cooperation.

For addressing this increasing demand of fluid data access across touchpoints will ultimately help fostering networked smart gadgets. SAP will look forward to deliver new value additions over and above their enterprise apps to address the new connected reality of IOT in businesses.

SAP’s IoT Transformation

SAP has some lethal advantages to implement their IOT strategy. They have thousands of customers and partner organisations from whom they can have a comprehensive idea of the next generation of IOT solution features. This wider exposure allows SAP to come with a wide range of prototypes based on IoT design thinking.

SAP is said to have incorporated design thinking methodology when implementing the IoT for enterprise environments. Now the design thinking experts of SAP help enterprises implement IOT projects. These new breed of sophisticated IIOT projects are highly specific about the ease of use, flexibility and scalability of enterprise solutions.

As of now, industrial IoT seems to lack the real maturity. There will be still few years ahead of use before we can really see robust one-size-fits-all IIOT solutions are appearing. But even for the distant possibilities of such outcome we need leadership of SAP.

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