Can Blockchain Make IOT Better?

blockchain-iotIoT or the Internet of Things unleashed for us a new high tech reality in the everyday world. But when all gadgets are connected and communicative protecting the data is of utmost importance. As IOT devices are subjected to financial transactions now, securing the data transfer has become important. In this respect Blockchain solution which uses an tamper proof, open ledger system for registering transaction data can prove to be tremendously effective. Iot services all over the globe can leverage Blockchain technology for ensuring optimum data security for transaction and data transfer involving several devices.

  • IoT Architecture


Before going into the details of Blockchain as a data security technology for Internet of Things platform, let us have a look at the key elements of IOT architecture.

  • Things: In IOT architecture Things denote the uniquely identifiable nodes or device sensors that communicate among themselves without requiring human intervention.
  • Gateways: Gateways basically work between things and the cloud solution to make connection among gadgets possible.
  • Network infrastructure: Then there is network infrastructure comprising of various elements including routers, aggregators, gateways, repeaters and devices needed to ensure unperturbed flow of data.
  • Cloud infrastructure: Finally there is cloud infrastructure keeps together several big virtualized servers and storage spaces capable for computing and analytical activities.
  • The Challenge Of Securing IOT Data

IOTBLOCHAINThe real challenge lies in delegating the data contextually at the right moment without compromising the security and breaches in data management. Presently the tamper proof, unalterable and non-delectable ledger system of Blockchain can utilised for securing the pool of data used for IOT Ccommunication. Blockchain development companies all over the world are now considering to deploy their secure ledger tools to make IOT experience better and richer.

As technology and organizations are always finding the ways to deploy and secure Internet of Things technologies at scale, blockchain has emerged as a best solution for dealing with issues like identity and transaction security”

  • Blockchain Beyond The Financial Transaction Data

Though Blockchain was originally a technology conceived for securing financial data and was first used as the technology for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, it continued to become more enriched and at present it is being considered as a technology that can make any kind of data transfer secure. Thanks to its potential for enhancing data security it is being used by companies outside of financial sector.

In fact, the concept powering the Blockchain technology is pretty robust and the main purpose of it is to create a stamp of validity among various parties engaged in the transfer of data. The history of transactions treasured by Blockchain in an unalterable ledger also helps spotting anomalies in the data patterns.

  • Improved Security, Increased Resistance

AdvantagesBlockchainIOTWith the use of Blockchain in registering and preserving IoT transaction data, security concerns can be eased and processes can be streamlined in a more efficient manner. Moreover, the ledger of Blockchain making data visible publicly can secure authentication for device level registration and data sharing. IOT devices are typically subjected to authorisation and validation from several parties and with Blockchain taking care of all these authorisation data, security breaches would be fewer and resistance to intrusion will be increased many folds.

With Blockchain, the diversified, multifaceted and tremendously varied digital universe of the IOT can be provided more security and better coverage to prevent data breaches. If in the financial sector Blockchain had to deal with security of transaction data, in IOT the same technology will deal with the security of diversified data exchanged to operate interconnected devices.


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