5 Must Need IOT Products Every Smart City Will Need

IoT devices make smart homes and most recently they are being used to make smart cities as well.  Many of these connected devices are making public services better and more well equipped.

Let us introduce here s few of the IOT products that are actively being used in several smart cities across the globe.


Bigbelly, a smart alternative to waste bins and recycling systems has already been present across the US states and more than 50 countries all over the world. Besides accommodating 5 times more waste than any traditional waste bins these solar powered waste bins can send alerts to the local disposal units when Bigbelly really needs to be emptied. The benefits are enormous like reduced number of waste bins, power saving solar charging to take care of maintenance and more timely and efficient garbage disposal through smart alert systems. Some of the well known US cities that use Bigbelly include Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.


In a world frequently shocked and trembled by terrorist activities, a gunfire is more significant than ever. Often a gunfire I’d not heard because of the clutter if sound in a city environment. Once such found is overheard of missed completely, security goes into greater danger of facing a another sudden attack. So, spotting the gunfire sound in the first instance is inexpressibly important from the security point of view.

A kind of sound sensor called ShotSpotter which comes attached with a smart streetlight just can offer a reliable solution to this security glitch. As soon as it detects any sound of gunshot it quickly reports to the respective department helping the security measures.

Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks

What digital kiosks basically do? Well, they serve the city people and travelers flocking to a city in numerous ways. Digital kiosks provide data about all important public places and needful including restaurants, retail stores, and events. Kansas City with the help of CISCO has already installed more than 25 such kiosks.

Smart streetlights

Smart street lights are one of the few early connected gadgets that made the coinage if the term ‘smart city’ really possible. These street lights responsively can be brightened or go dimmer as per the demands of the situation. At present, Los Angels among the American cities turned its lights into smart street lights.  At s time when power saving is perceived as a truly important aspect to meet the emerging high power needs , such solutions can do wonder.

Parking sensors

Getting a parking spot while driving through a busy city is often challenging. Well, how would you feel if you are notified on mobile about a nearby available parking spot? Yes, obviously you will feel delighted. Such delights and ease made possible for the car owners through a new parking sensor that keeps on signalling the driver as soon as a parking spot is available and detected.

CISCO says that average American citizens on an average waste around half an hour to 1 hour of time by seeking a parking spot. These people from now can get a smarter solution to park thrift cars.



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