5 Impressive Ways to Utilise the Mobile Security Strategy for IoT

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If you still think Internet of Things or IOT mostly amounts to home automation or smart home gadgets or the connected reality with the ecosystem of apps and gadgets working together to make our life easier, sorry to say you are not updated enough about the tech world. IoT has already broke through the rigid walls of industries and has become Industrial IOT or more precisely IIOT. But, just as IOT penetrated business workplaces and industries Ina massive way, devising a security strategy for the IOT devices and the platform has become crucial.

In recent times, many industries and business entities are using mobile security strategy for IOT devices. Many businesses found that extending the erstwhile mobile security strategy devised for smartphones can just work great for IOT devices and connected platform as well.

  • Mobile Showing The Security Roadmap For Industrial IoT

The implementation of a mobile security strategy within companies resulted in some crucial findings. Most importantly, with the inclusion of tablets and smartphones within the IT landscape of companies the productivity of companies increased tremendously just because workforce can now stay connected all the times and this allows them producing better and updating more frequently or in real time. Now, in the implementation of a mobile based strategy trust remains as a critical element. Authentication techniques and authorisation protocols continued to play crucial role.

Coming to IOT devices, same diversified strategy can help better collaboration on real time data for more effective business output or productivity. Now, following the mobile security strategy in case of industrial IOT also authentication and authorisation for accessing crucial data can be controlled and exercised with specific limitations for individual employees.

  • Utilising Existing Platforms

Undoubtedly, IOT in enterprise platform is still in its nascent state and we are still to see a lot of things coming up before IOT really becomes too commonplace in workplaces and industries like its smart home counterpart. Just because it is new in the workplaces and industrial atmosphere, the existing OS platforms common with smartphones can be utilised with proven results for IOT implementation in industries and business atmosphere as well. In future we can see Android or iOS platforms to be utilised for IOT devices in business premises or industrial units.

  • Network Segmentation Will Be Critical

The biggest security concern with industrial or enterprise IOT is that the connected devices will be able to access business data while sitting outside the business network. This is precisely how the unauthorised data access can be a potential risk from IOT devices in businesses. To address this enterprise need to segment data for accessing through connected and synced systems while preserving mission critical data with more stringent access over company’s own network.

Whether your business is ready for it or not, IoT as the era defining reality is already here and will only grow to encompass more devices and ecosystem of devices across niche environments. IOT will continue to transform business dynamics with its massive capability to allow interaction and collaboration for more meaningful and growth driving results. For enterprises with existing mobile foundation, implementing IOT security through mobile network security measures is already the most lucrative option.



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