SAP Enterprise Mobility

After the release of one of the leading mobile application development platforms, SAP completes the unification of its historically proven mobile app development platform frameworks. It is now easier than ever for customers to build and deploy apps for varied businesses. It provides an open standards-based architecture that embraces a BYOT strategy through integration with third-party development tools. With availability of these tools, SAP has made building mobile apps a simple and straight forward process which reduces the development time while providing the best and most flexible solutions for business customers.

There are several vendors in the enterprise mobility business contributing to customer specific and industry specific mobile apps development. SAP Mobile is now capturing the mobile industry market and SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 makes it easy to build secured mobile apps for an amazing user experience. With its unparalleled deployment flexibility, SAP mobility is quickly being adopted by Medium and Large scale businesses for smoother operations and secured access to company’s core information. SAP Mobile is not a choice anymore but an imperative aspect of SAP run businesses and we are ushering into the next generation of mobile industry.

Maximized productivity for end users through simple yet powerful consumer-friendly mobile apps, SAP customers will soon be able to access existing and custom-built SAP Fiori apps through SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 via the SDK or the SAP Fiori Client mobile app. SAP Work Manager, SAP Inventory Manager and SAP CRM Service Manager mobile apps are planned to be available soon on the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0. Businesses can now unify all operations of the company and developers can easily develop a single app as a complete solution for all business needs.

SAP has also collaborated with Xamarin to offer cross platform SAP Mobility Solutions for its customers. With a customer base of over 2, 30,000 companies, SAP Enterprise mobility is a booming market for its flexibility & security.

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