Key Alternatives To BYOD in 2017

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy that helps enterprises deal with security threats emerging out of devices used by employees in workplace environments. Introduced years ago BYOD is now present in majority of enterprise mobility programs. Thanks to BYOD policy employers can ensure huge boost in productivity and considerable savings on IT cost.

Though BYOD as of now has been most popular and has been widely adopted by enterprises across the niches, there has been considerable security threats with this policy.  According to a recent report published by 35 percent of companies are not confident as far as the performance of BYOD is concerned. This is precisely why several new alternatives to BYOD have emerged.

Let us have a look at the few most credible BYOD alternatives.

Corporate-Owned And Personally Enabled Or COPE

This mobility policy characterised as corporate-owned and personally enabled (COPE) can suit business mobility better than BYOD. As per this policy while an organization own the respective devices, the staffs responsible for using it can also use it for personal activities including making calls. As per this policy employees are provided device pre owned by companies that comply with the policy of company pertaining to Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

The best thing about this policy is that it allows the company to take ownership of mobile data. The policy works great as far as dealing with security threats and data security is concerned.

Direct-To-Carrier Stipends

There is another employee focused policy option called direct-to-carrier stipends. This policy allows employees buying their own device and choose their preferred service. While the employees use the devices company offers a prefixed stipend to cover the part of their usage bill. The best part of this policy is that it takes most of the burden off the shoulders of employees. The most negative thing is concerning security threats which is hard to manage with this policy.

Choose Your Own Device Or CYOD

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD)

Choose Your Own Device or CYOD is a policy that typically brings together elements of both BYOD and COPE policy. CYOD policy restricts employees choice among a selection of devices pre-approved by the company. While the company needs to pay the bill for the employees, it can exercise tighter control over the device data and uses. It brings together the best advantages of both BYOD and CYOD. This kind of policy works great in reducing the worries over data security and threats.

Finally, let us be straight in telling that every kind of BYOD alternatives do not offer the same kind of advantages and they are far from perfect for every type of workplace environment. Every policy mentioned above have their respective pros and cons. You need to decide after carefully considering various aspects of BYOD compatibility. Security us still the biggest priority for majority of these policies, though small enterprises often chose policy that provide them best cost advantage. From ease of access to data security to cost to company, all such factors play an important role in choosing a mobile device policy perfect for a company. You need to prioritise your focus objective and accordingly should choose a policy that suits your workplace mobility needs.





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