Dedicated Customer Service Resources

Customer service is the linchpin of success for many organizations. With the proliferation of blogs and online review sites, one bad experience is quickly reported to thousands of potential customers. But customer service, delivered online or via phone is a costly endeavor and getting more expensive. Labor and energy costs are rising and advances in technology mean customers expect more service options, including online FAQ content as well as phone, email and live chat support. Today, more than ever, companies are looking for efficient ways to reduce customer service costs without any compromise on the quality. For many, the solution is to consider outsourcing all or a portion of their customer call activities.

Traditionally, outsourcing is said to be able to address most of the above mentioned challenges of Customer Service Operation but unfortunately it doesn’t stand true. Outsourcing comes with its own set of challenges like:

    •  Security and Confidentiality
    •  Loss of Control
    •  Work Inflexibility
    •  Cost Escalation
    •  Training and Supervision 
    •  Language and Time Zone Difference
    •  Procedural Differences
    •  Customer Satisfaction
    •  Lack of orientation or objectivity

Long term solution for any company’s customer services functions is to nurture a team of loyal and talented resources. AuroSys has designed a unique model “In-Serving Employee” which has not only all inheritant advantages of outsourcing but it also addresses and mitigates risk associated with it. At AuroSys you can have your own dedicated offsite personnel working exclusively for your company on guidance, rules, policies and standard operating procedures of your company. This gives you greater control and flexibility over your work. Also the relationship with the resource would be alike that of “employer and employee”, instead of “supplier and customer”. AuroSys provides following Resource Profiles for Customer Service: