Important Things To Know About Migrating to Private Cloud

PrivateCloudMigrationJust by browsing a lot of technology publications and blogs on cloud you are likely to have an impression that public cloud enjoys the most popularity and preference worldwide. Even most statistics also show that public clouds are experiencing faster growth compared to private clouds. In spite of that few experts argue that still some organisations prefer hosted private cloud as part of their IT strategy.

In fact quite contrary to the earlier perception, in 2015 and 2016 private clouds rose in popularity and particularly in North America it experienced around 28% to 33% growth.

Let us explain here a few important things about migrating to private cloud.

  • What Is a Hosted Private Cloud?

Private Cloud which is also dubbed as hosted private cloud helps one building, deploying and managing apps with dedicated resources for computing, networking, and storing resources thanks to data centre managed by a third-party. This type of cloud solution is there since the beginning of the cloud technology itself. The biggest advantage of this cloud service is managing the resources and consequent cost with a third party provider.

  • Why Choose a Hosted Private Cloud? 

HostedCloudAccording to research firm Forrester initial and first time cloud migration is principally responsible for companies migrating to hosted private cloud. Often this seems to be a sensible step since managing a project and delegating resources becomes easier and simpler thanks to cloud solutions. It has also been seen that businesses that are actually delaying this migration citing reasons like security concerns are actually hurting the efficiency and long term performance of their project in hand.

  • Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

Just think about one possibility.  If Hosted Private Clouds apart from their distinct advantages are provided the security and performance of public cloud while the user company does not the need to rewrite their respective cloud apps, can there be any relevance left for public cloud? In fact many of today’s Hosted Private Clouds are perform awesome for a wide variety of workloads, types of applications and for typical security requirements.

On the other hand, when it comes to depending on cloud solution for hefty workload, Public Cloud just proves itself excellent. Moreover,  Public Clouds can also perform to provide resource to manage documents and recovering data following a disaster. But if you can make your hosted private cloud extended with such capabilities, there is nothing like it. This is what we know as hybrid cloud, an amalgamation of the positive elements of both hosted private cloud and public cloud.

As per the latest statistics on cloud services by IDC, a vast majority of businesses amounting more than 80% of IT organizations in niche companies of various types now prefer this hybrid cloud architecture. Hybrid cloud putting together a variety of resources ranging from resources characterised by public, private, multi-tenant, and on-premises Is continuing to be popular for business users.

As cloud computing is continuing to grow in popularity with majority of businesses are adopting to cloud, the debate over choosing private cloud vs public cloud is getting obsolete and a great many enterprises are openly favouring hybrid cloud strategy for their IT infrastructure.


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