Evaluating Cloud in The Fast Transforming Tech World

cloud-2537777_1920Cloud has come all the way to a matured state now. From so-called cloud-based web apps to cloud for Internet of Things to cloud-based Big Data analytics to robust cloud-based customer relationship apps like Salesforce, it went through many twists and turns and several star-studded moments. Yes, thanks to cloud the world of mobile apps have become a lot different and still, the cloud is one of the driving force behind mobile apps in general.

Now where does cloud computing is really heading for? What can we expect from the next phase of evolution of cloud computing? Well, while promises are enormous, understanding them we need to evaluate the state of things cloud is really in.

Cloud Is Not Just About Accessibility, But More About Analytics

Access to data irrespective of devices as well as time and place is the biggest push provided by cloud to the web based apps worldwide. Cloud syncing across devices practically changed the way we access data, share and collaborate whether in workplaces or in any other environments including institutions. But since the achievement of this gigantic feat cloud continued to evolve and over the time it embraced analytics and real time cloud based analytics powered intelligence. Cloud based Big Data analytics really changed our perception about cloud from a mere perspective related to ease of access to real time analytical prowess deliverable for different apps.

Businesses Continuing To Cloud

Apart from the mobility, the biggest paradigm shift in the world of business is obviously initiated by cloud computing. Thanks to cloud enterprises continued to shrink their in-house infrastructure and make way for cloud-based business process. Almost all forecasts in the recent years agree on one point that cloud is going to be the next big deal for most businesses. In a 2012 forecast, Nielson reported that more than 40% of information overload and computing tasks spread across businesses will shift to cloud platforms by the time we reach 2020. The same report also says that around three fourth of data processing across businesses will shift to cloud platform.

Next Phase Of Cloud Depends On IOT

Yes, connected reality and internet of things really have come in a big way. It is the convergence of mobility from hardware part and cloud computing for data management part, that helped this connected reality of IOT gadgets so robust. In the evolution of cloud from mere supporting role for data syncing across devices to intelligent machine interactions thanks to real-time feedback from cloud-based analytics, the whole arch was supposed to reach this end. Today while you can operate and interact with a number of useful devices in your surrounding right through your mobile device, the cloud-based data access plays the most important role to make this connected environment a reality.

Cloud-Based Employee Management And CRM

The evaluation of the cloud computing in its entirety can never be complete without a reference to the cloud-based CRM platforms and enterprise solutions like Salesforce. With such robust solutions allowing access to cloud-based enterprise and employee data as well as effective data analytics and algorithms for diverse workplace solutions, changed the way cloud apps used to work in earlier time.


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