Six Areas CIOs Of IT Companies Should Focus In 2017

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It’s a brand new year and obviously the right moment to evaluate our footsteps. This is the time of the year that CIOs of IT companies should evaluate the previous year, take shard look at the learnings and decide the focus areas. Let us introduce here six most invaluable areas CIOs should focus in 2017.

1: Reviewing Key Projects  

It is the first thing from where you should begin your evaluation. You need to assess the key projects and their respective shortcomings as well as positive aspects. You need to have a clear understanding of where your IT fallen short and where it excelled. Secondly, you need to assess and find out the causes that contributed to the underperformance of certain projects. This is exactly how you can eliminate the pain points and glitches and give bring to exemplary performance.

2: Assessing Your Team

teamCan you ensure having the perfect talent required for a project? Yes, doing such assessment is crucial to ensure optimum performance. Have any of your projects underperformed due to shortcoming in talent pool? Did your team members suffered from lack of training and skill development? Does your hiring process pull the right talent for the projects? Is there any scope to make your hiring process better for right talent acquisition? All these questions you need to ask. Assessing talent acquisition is one of the most important focus areas for any IT companies.

3: Evaluating Tools

A key evaluation that every CIO need to focus on is the tools. Does the selection of tools ensure positive results for your projects? If not, this is high time you may need some changes in the selection of tools. There are few aspects that should be considered in respect of selecting the right tool. First of all, they must be easy to use and should deliver considerable out justifying their cost. Secondly, you should make a comparative study of their efficiency against other in the same niche.

4: Assessing Customer Service

IT is no longer just subjected to evaluation by strategists. The end users play a big role in this. So called hardware and software solutions are not enough for this evaluation, it must happen by assessing the end user experience. Are there any trouble points that are creating obstacles in your relationship with the end users. Is your customer service us easily and fairly accessible at all times? Have you ensured addressing your  dissatisfied users? By answering all these questions you can have the right idea of your relationship with the user and can venture to make it better.

5: Budget Allocation

Proper allocation of budget is a crucial aspect to optimise the performance of your IT verticals. Do you see any area that actually needs more budget allocation but could not manage to get it? Well, this is time to stretch your budget for this. You should also specify any area that got more budgetary allocation than it actually required.

6: Your Own Performance 

PerformanceNow after all the evaluation of manpower, tools and budget it is time to evaluate your own performance and role in the organisation. You need to find out areas where there is a lot of scope for improvement. Identifying personal trouble spots and shortcomings is essential to find a better way to improve managerial performance.

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