Quality Assistance, The Most Important Aspect of Custom Software Development

Are you into custom software development? If yes, then you know already the importance of quality assurance in custom software. Most software development services these days are increasingly focussing on custom software as clients come with more specifications and custom requirements than ever before. In this respect learning from hands-on experience remains vital. You need to understand that testing features at the end of the development cycle is utterly useless or even counterproductive. Secondly, automated testing is also not a secure option and manual involvement is still invaluable. Based upon the learning of custom software development services we are going to introduce a few important aspects in relation to quality assurance.

1. Clients Are Not Supposed To Conduct QA Testing

Custom software comes at a higher price than the regular ones. Naturally customers paying hefty for a software need a finished product. So after doing everything perfectly with proper attributes like good architecture, clean code, best development practices, you cannot leave the QA test for the clients.

2. Automated And Manual Testing

If any custom software development company relies only on automated testing the end product is very vulnerable to glitches and performance issues. Automated testing works for avoiding the repetitive manual tasks and saves a lot of time. Automation is useful to test all the lines of codes which cannot be done manually.  But even after doing it manual evaluation is needed to fix a few things and fine tuning the end product which automation tools often overlook.

3. Don’t Wait Till Final Product Comes Out

Often developers venture into fixing things and rectifying defects when the entire product development cycle comes to an end. It is more like testing a car when it comes out as a finished product from the assembly line. The biggest drawback of testing a software in the end of the development cycle is that, there will be several areas that you no longer can address and fix things without going backward through the process and undoing many things. So, end of the cycle testing often comes out with faulty products. For an expensive and quality focused thing like custom software you cannot do that.

4. Do QA Testing By Testing  Professionals

Programmers when testing their own products often can be biased on many respects and can actually lose themselves working with the code again. This is why programmers cannot be the right people for conducting QA software. You still can allow them do a few things but the QA testing should be taken care of by testing professionals only. If you really want results from QA testing and want to make the end product better in every possible way, it would be wise to engage QA testing professionals with quality experience and skills for the same.

5. Advanced Tools For QA Testing

Advanced Tools for QA TestingQuality is no longer just an option anymore. For high end custom software development it is an irreplaceable mechanism in the development process. Naturally, for your valued customers you cannot afford to compromise on QA testing and you need to have all the advanced and sophisticated tools to do QA testing.  Custom software is expensive and so, you cannot leave any leaf unturned to ensure quality.





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