How Blockchain Can Add To The Security And Pace of Internet?

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To understand the positive role of Blockchain services in adding value to the internet we must begin our discussion from content delivery networks or CDN which already became an inseparable part of the web.  Precisely, a vast majority of websites and web ventures use CDN benefiting both ublishers and web users.

While publishers are benefited by a CDN in respect of bandwidth usage and attacks such as distributed denial-of-service or DDoS, users get the faster and quicker access to contents sans any security concerns. A CDN needs to maintain a presence across the places where the users are located. But many CDN networks struggle to maintain presence in some parts of the world like Russia and China. Many websites suffer from this lack of presence in some parts of the world.

What This Lack Of Presence Amounts To?

Just consider the staggering population of China and Russia combined who miss some web services and deliverable contents just because of the lack of presence of many CDN in these parts of the world. Some countries as we have seen in recent history are keen to impose ban or restrictions on contents. Such behaviour called “great firewall” can actually prove to be detrimental to the interest of the vast majority of users in some parts of the world. This limited access also makes the business interest and brand value suffer of many web ventures. Content restrictions and censorship together can limit the market opportunity for a web venture.

Can Blockchain Play A Positive Role In Combating This?

Without besting around the bush for longer let us answer this question straight first. Yes, Blockchain as a technology is powerful and equipped to circumvent such restrictions and censorship to make contents accessible to users across all points of presence. Let us now see how Blockchain can do this.

Blockchain refers to basically distributed ledger systems which by storing multitude of digital data and transaction information remains accessible to all touch points while allowing no deletion or tampering. Most notable aspect of Blockchain is that it does not need any central administrative authority to control access. This nature of Blockchain ledger make data accessible to all users without any scope of intervention.

In complete contrast to the functioning of traditional CDNs, the present day web services can make use of a completely decentralized data model to help uninhibited access without any exposure to intervention of censorship. Such CDNs can also monetise this unperturbed access to crucial data by linking the access with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin which also has Blockchain as the backbone technology.

Decentralise will ultimately mean easier and faster access to contents while building a good community who can always add value without ring able to tamper it. It would also help fostering access to those areas where traditional web services cannot easily reach.

In the final analysis, future CDN services will gain the robust advantage of Blockchain to stay over the so called constraints of access in many areas. Already most of the major content delivery networks are seriously considering to embrace a Blockchain based distributed network to help access to data.


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