While securing transaction and data over the web continues to be a big challenge for a majority of service providers, new technology like Blockchain offers a great promise. It offers a new and unprecedented way to help businesses, industries, and other organizations secure and authenticate transactions besides helping the businesses streamlining processes, actively reducing fraudulent activities and thereby creating value for a business organization.

Blockchain represents a technology that can facilitate a transparently verifiable system offering new ways to exchange value and assets for business and finance as well as non-financial transactions in modern enterprises offering utmost authenticity and security of business data and critical transactions.

Blockchain as a technology is known for four crucial inbuilt security measures that we would brief as:

  • Cryptographic Security: Digital signature used in Blockchain is able to reduce fraudulent activities while building accountability for each transaction.
  • Open, Shared And Transparent: Blockchains typically does not fit into the scheme of things for a single organization since it’s efficacy can only be visible when put into a shared context. Shared by several companies including the competitors in a niche Blockchain offers openly verifiable and transparent processes.
  • Write Once, Read Number Of Times Ledger: The database of Blockchain is typically characterized by ‘write once’ and ‘read many times’ capacity which ensures keeping data record for every transaction. This non-allowance of updating and deletion makes every data entry open, secure and verifiable.
  • Distributed Data: The unlimited distribution of data through various replicas is a characteristic that makes Blockchain more authentic and easily verifiable.

How Can Blockchain Really Add Value To A Business?

Blockchain technology is well-known for its massive input into modern business processes, thanks to its security, transparency and fast pace, it has already been dubbed as the next technology frontier for several business niches. Financial and banking sectors where transaction time and data security are two most crucial factors are destined to be the most benefited niches from the deployment of Blockchain Solutions. But also apart from other business niches where protecting intellectual property rights is a serious concern or niches where real-time access to data and fast-paced business transactions are two most concerning areas, Blockchain as a technology can really play a pivotal role to add value to the business processes and secure data.

The biggest advantage of Blockchain technology is that it is basically a ‘write once’ database that allows no tampering, deletion or change of the records in a database once written. One can always add subsequent layers of additional data but the already recorded data can neither be deleted nor edited. This makes all the changes and additions made in the database openly verifiable and accessible over the internet anytime anywhere.

Blockchain is also the technology that allows maintaining a database of records with detailed layers of information including date and time stamps for each entry. This helps to keep the record easier for referring to intellectual property rights and ownership of products or digital assets. With the database available in real time over the web, Blockchain really helps in pacing up the transaction with little room for lagging time.

With so much of promising attributes, Blockchain can really make business transactions easier for a variety of niches beyond the so called Blockchain strongholds of finance and banking. The best thing is Blockchain works with a shared database and it remains open to everyone in the industry or respective niche or category.

Blockchain Development Services From AuroSys Solutions

Just consider if you can settle any contractual dispute or ascertain transaction value with just a software service enabling your business over the web. Yes, to your surprise such a service can maintain complete confidentiality, security and they can provide you verified feedback just instantly. We from AuroSys offer such a robust Blockchain service to take care of all your business transactions and processes.

By leveraging Blockchain technology AuroSys offers a comprehensive platform for assessing business processes and pertaining IT models. We help enterprises creating substantial value and also come with a clear proof of value (PoV) for the company. Some of the key things that our Blockchain services take care of include the following:

  • We help businesses conducting a thorough analysis of their existing platform.
  • We help organizations to assess their portfolio at every step.
  • Blockchain based analysis also suggests ways to make your products and business offerings better.
  • We also help to assess the marketplace allowing them to evaluate and analyze the opportunities there for new acquisition and partnership.

Why Choose AuroSys For Blockchain Services?

At AuroSys, we have a robust team of Blockchain specialists including experienced business analysts and strategists to deliver tailor-made solutions depending upon typical security challenges, business processes and nature of transactions. The scope of our service offerings for business organizations is huge comprising the development of the operating model, assessment of proof of value for different transactions and processes and a comprehensive market assessment.

Here are some of the key reasons to opt for Blockchain services for your business.

  • We are into business strategy development and business analytics deployment for years which gave us an unparalleled lead in delivering state of the art Blockchain Solutions for modern businesses.
  • We have mastered Blockchain Tech ever since it became a reality.
  • We have made a significant contribution to many businesses with our future ready business analytics, strategic solutions and security solutions based on Blockchain technology.
  • We boast of a robust team of Blockchain experts and experienced professionals capable to deliver future ready Blockchain solutions for modern business enterprises.
  • We are one of the leading Blockchain service providers from India with a global clientele.
  • We are committed to adding substantial value to your business with our state of the art Blockchain service equipped to allow customisation as per specific and niche business needs.

Do you want to know more about Blockchain technology and our services? Just drop us an email and we are going to be with you in just a bit!