Big Data is Just Not Enough: Proper Implementation is More Important

bigdataAll over the world almost everyone in the tech fraternity for sometime is talking about Big Data. Obviously the kind of promise it holds for everyone including techies, businesses, developers, marketers and strategists is huge. So, Big data will continue to remain as a big force with era defining capabilities for many niches and professions. But just Big Data is not enough, there should be innovative ways to impart its benefits. Let us share some insights in this respect here below.

  • Big Data And Custom Feedback

You can think that the so called brick-and-mortar stores are now facing tremendous challenges to survive facing the forces of digitisation and you are right to some extent. But their multifarious and multifaceted experience in retail and business still proves invaluable and collection of these granular level Data from stores across a broad region can offer deeper and richer insights to drive retail strategy in various areas. So, apart from the regular apparatus of data online retailers need to focus on the individual level of experience in stores and granular level data. Though getting this custom feedback may prove challenging but nevertheless their effectiveness will force many brands to concentrate upon them.

  • Getting Insights From Customer’s Personal Interaction

It does not take a survey to tell that most e-commerce businesses experience no personal interaction with their customers or do not know about the reactions when customers handle and browse the product. From a marketing point of view this detachment and seclusion is counterproductive to any ecommerce business. As a e-retailer how can you address this and gain actionable insights from customer interactions? There have been experiments like opening store to try a whole range of products and order them online later. This fusion of offline and online experience can propel a new range of effective insights for e-retailers.

  • Face To Face Interaction With Customers Is Still Important

Most ecommerce companies are aware of the huge important role market surveys play in coming with an effective marketing strategy. While such surveys are great to gather market information and gain insights, they often lack rich and dynamic layer of customer insights that only face to face interaction provides.

This is why many online marketers these days are organising events and get together with their customers and associates to make the bond stronger and get deeper customer reactions on products and services. In such stores a customer can walk in, try different product offerings, compare and enquire about various aspects including the price and can finally go back to his residence to order the tested and tried products online. The fusion of remote and face to face offline customer interaction holds bigger promise for the retailers of future.

In ultimate and final analysis, leveraging the advantages of big data to propel growth and measurable business results with an assurance to maintain competitive edge in the market needs creative approach to tweak the already established paths and solutions. To optimise the positive outcomes of Big Data on your online business both in respect of ROI and traffic, you need to think of out of the box measures to engage and interact with customers. You need to focus on devising many ways to boost face to face interactions beside the regular Big Data tools.

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