Doing Most With Sitecore Media Framework

Sitecore as a content management platform proved itself to be awesome in features, capabilities and flexibility. Sitecore Media Framework which is an extension of the platform to host media files within the platform is all set to deliver a great experience for delivering media contents. The framework deserves special mention and attention thanks to its […]

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Vehicular Data Capture – Making Your Systems Safer

With each passing day, the world wakes up to new devices, newer technologies and previously inconceivable digital discoveries. Automation and gadgets are our new best friends. Internet of Things (IoT), which sounds more like a book with an abstract title, is the pathbreaking new technology that is changing the way we live. With the IoT, […]

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Airport IOT – The Mobile And Connected Passenger

Not so long ago, traveling was a not-so-exciting experience where passengers had to kill hours in waiting time at the airport.Most of them would wait in serpentine queues for security checks, or nibbled at random food stores, did window shopping and mostly, were unequipped with any information relevant to their travel. Quite certainly, those times […]

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Reasons Why Sitecore Is Considered As The Best CMS For Healthcare Websites

Healthcare systems require web platforms that are sophisticated and in sync with the increasing demand for real time interactions and information accessibility. In comparison to most other CMS platforms offer certain attributes that make it the best CMS for healthcare facilities and hospitals. Sitecore seems to have all the essential attributes that the websites of […]

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