How Cloud ERP Can Help Boosting Business Efficiency?

Productivity is key to any business process and it is the quintessential element that businesses of all sizes and niches strives for. But productivity does not fall from the sky, you need solid planning for it. You particularly need to plan about deploying and delegating your resources to ensure desired output. Enterprise Resource Planning or […]

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The Human Face of Tech Revolution

Suddenly Artificial Intelligence seems like a penetrating force in almost everything in our life. For some time, machines and gadgets seem to be more capable to understand our needs more aptly than ever before. Machines are imitating human intelligence and rationale behind various tasks and this is what we grossly term as Artificial Intelligence. Thanks […]

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Can Blockchain Make IOT Better?

IoT or the Internet of Things unleashed for us a new high tech reality in the everyday world. But when all gadgets are connected and communicative protecting the data is of utmost importance. As IOT devices are subjected to financial transactions now, securing the data transfer has become important. In this respect Blockchain solution which […]

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