The Hidden Mystery Behind Big Data & Robotics

Big data as one of the most promising advanced emerging technologies is continuing to be bigger every other day. It is the overwhelming volume of digital data that the population of the world produces every day is surpassing every leap and bound. All businesses except only a few old-fashioned ones have their online presence now. Increasing number of businesses and people prefer communicating over digital media. This in turn continuing to act to the volume of digital data produced every day and it is literally huge to surpass the volume of data produced in a year a century ago. So big data re-presents a big reality for everyone.

On the other hand the concept of robotics is there for sometime. From its fictional avatars that we experienced in science fiction movies to the present day robotic operation in medical facilities, the concept of robotics has come a long way. It is no longer a subject of science fiction but an everyday reality.

Now what makes big data to have a relation with robotics? Actually, though the concept of big data has been knew too many of us it has always been there in the world of robotics. Data is an integral part of robotics and naturally the new approach to utilising volumes of digital data called Big Data is significant for robotics as well. To understand how data plays a crucial role in the world of robotics let us see how data is processed by robots to execute and action.

Robots repeatedly executes acts in sequence comprising of three stages respectively as sense, plan and act. Sensing is about understanding the things happening in the surrounding world.

Planning refers to the purposeful calculation about the actions in response to the environment. Finally, planned actions is what we see when the robots act and response as per the desired goal. It is needless to say that all these steps involve intensive use of data.

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More accurate and responsive actions you need from the robots more number of sensors you require to process data. Secondly when processing this huge volume of data for objective set of actions the robotics need to work with sophisticated analytics. Thus both big data and modern data analytics was already part of the operation in the field of robotics.

Since big data has always been there and proved to be a vital part of robotics the recent upheaval of big data as a promising technology to deal with data driven analytics is not likely to have any serious impact on robotics. The reality is as we are coping with new data analytics tools and implementation of new robotic tools and gadgets including the new approach called machine learning, big data will continue to upsurge as a mission critical technology. To this extent both robotics and big data will continue to flourish together and make ground for each other in the time to come.

We are experiencing the life changing impact of big data as a new approach to utilise the mind blowing data volume. But in the working of machines and automation the use of big data plays now a bigger role than elsewhere. Learning user behaviour and preferences and accordingly reacting to different contexts to make usability better and richer has already become a reality thanks to sophisticated data sensing and processing.



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