Smart Chatbots: How They Can Help In Facing Customer Challenges

Just consider a situation where you contacted a customer service professional to get help on some serious issues. But to your amazement the service professional on the other end of throne just does not understand a thing about your problem. Well, such situations are not rare and we all face them frequently. But all we can say that the experience is frustrating enough. That is why the role of chatbots is important to take care of human errors in crucial departments like customer service.

Chatbots are now more advanced because of integration with artificial intelligence. If a programmed bot can easily understand the customer problem and can avoid getting stuck due to lack of aptitude or any momentary influence, then the frustrating experience dealing with customer service can really be minimized. Let us admit Chatbots with advanced AI capability is still not present widely across customer services around the world but nevertheless they offer a bright possibility for all of us.

Technology That Understands Conversation

Chatbot Conversation

Every spoken word apart from its direct and immediate meaning offers several other layers corresponding to the intention, sense of urgency, psychological makeup of the speaker, etc. The new AI powered Chatbots can also understand the spoken words and their intentional tonal elements. Besides understanding from the callers words that s card has been lost it can easily assess the kind of urgency and helplessness in the users voice. While most other earlier Chatbots like Siri have limited capabilities, the new advanced AI powered Chatbots can easily be used to replace humans in customer services with nearly human like communication and understandability.

The Use Of Chatbots For Various Actions

The Use Of Chatbots For Various Actions

Advanced AI powered Chatbots are already in place playing sophisticated roles in communicating users remotely. These Chatbots already deployed in some banking customer services can allow them to converse and engage customers across a variety of digital channels representing the bank including a mobile app for the bank, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, etc. Irrespective of the platform they make people engaged with they initiate easy conversation satisfactory to the overall customer experience.

Some of the key areas chatbots can be effectively used for customer service include the following.

Chatbots Evolution

  • Self service by the users can be easily facilitated by these Chatbots. A customer can register his credit card over the phone with the help of a chatbot. Or, another customer can just call the customer care and request for a chequebook.
  • Just coming back from s trip a traveler can call the customer service number and get the details of his transaction or even, can ask for an aggregate.
  • The Chatbots can send timely messages to registered users regarding any pending actions like bill payment.
  • The Chatbots by using Smart analytics can also help registered customers get insights on their spending and saving habits and allow them setting objectives in regard to their present financial standing.

It does not take too much expertise and insights to understand that human intervention will decrease to make way for artificial intelligence in many service sectors. In that regard Chatbots are logical outcome of this emerging trend and as the situation demands they will continue to be better and richer. They will help making user experience better in sectors where customer service is crucial.




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