Machine Learning Algorithms: Putting CRM On Steroids To Beat The Competition


CRM system of any enterprise plays a great role for all of its customer focused processes. With a CRM system in place a business never loses sight of its customers and trending customer interactions. This is why CRM solutions have become a constant mainstay for all types of small and medium businesses. But even these CRM solutions are showing stagnation and becoming more commonplace. In the recent times we have seen machine learning algorithms to come as a big boost for CRM systems. Machine learning is ensuring that CRM solutions deliver more effective business specific insights than ever before.

Let us have a look at the advantages of incorporating machine learning into modern CRM solutions.

  • Precise Sales Predictions

One of the most common and emphasized benefits of modern CRM solutions is the precise prediction of sales. Thanks to the positive effect of machine learning technology in deciphering customer interactions across digital interfaces, accurately predicting sales further becomes easier. Apart from the predictions based on the immediate machine processed data more realistic predictions can be reached when the machine learning algorithm works in concert with historical customer data.

Some of the key positive outcomes that machine learning algorithm can produce for sales prediction include predictive insights at product line level, sales of individual products, sales for different customer groups, etc. It also provides predictions that can guide a business in sales planning, budgeting and staffing. The precise prediction also helps in creating realistic and achievable sales targets.

  • Answering Both ‘Why’ And ‘What’

Normally, CRM solutions are looked upon as tools to answer to all types of “what” questions that are relevant for a business. For instance, a CRM system can let a business know about the right time to pitch a product and the right price bracket for a product. But as businesses getting more complex and multifaceted, answering these so called ‘What’ questions are not often enough, the businesses need to have a deeper understanding about the products and customers. This is why, the reasons behind the specific data or decision or insight became equally important for many business processes. A modern CRM system which is powered by machine learning algorithm is equally equipped to deliver answer to ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions.

  • Deciphering Unstructured Business Data

When CRM solutions were first implemented, the basic emphasis was to record customer data fetched through customer interactions. Often this cluster of customer data was not enough to produce actionable insights that can help a business addressing customer concerns and demands. The huge volume of unstructured data in the form of text and other inputs often remain unused by traditional CRM systems. This is where modern machine learning algorithm can play a great role in boosting the capacity of CRM systems delivering insights.

From all the above mentioned advantages of machine learning algorithm for CRM solutions it seems obvious that the future of CRM systems is inseparable from machine learning technology. Machine learning algorithms will facilitate more powerful and data driven decision making. It is very probable that the vast majority of CRM systems presently in use will soon be powered by machine learning algorithms.


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