Hybrid Intelligence: The Meeting Point Of Human And Robot Intelligence


Is Artificial Intelligence enough for our living and livelihood? Can we human beings leave many of our day to day digital tasks on the merit and analytical power of machines? Whether we can do so or not that consideration apart, we have to rethink whether such a possibility is at all existing. To be precise and direct, as of now such situation where we can leave all our decision making and analytical tasks completely to machines is a reality without any credible ground and basis.

At best we can depend on machines and machine algorithms partially. Human intelligence is still in control behind vast majority of machine led tasks including even the latest offerings such as self driving cars, and natural language processing algorithms and chatbots. What basically we are experiencing is a fusion of human and robot intelligence creating a balanced approach and we already know it as hybrid Intelligence.

  • What Is Hybrid Intelligence?

Hybrid Intelligence is basically a symbiosis of two distinct types of intelligence, respectively as robotic intelligence or machine intelligence and human intelligence. While the later is already there behind every intelligent endeavour upon the face of the earth, the former is only a recent outcome from the enhanced analytical and data processing ability of machines. While the former is still not equipped enough without the guiding force of the later, we eventually have a meeting point for these two distinct types of intelligence and this is what we call as hybrid Intelligence. Hybrid Intelligence refers to smart digital manoeuvres where human intelligence facilitates automation and interaction by deploying apps and systems based on Artificial Intelligence.

  • How Does Hybrid Intelligence Work?

HybridItelligenceWe already have an idea of how Artificial Intelligence really works for the betterment of our life. Similarly, with the scope of human intelligence in dealing with machines and algorithms, we already have a sound understanding. Now the challenge lies in the present context of incorporating Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence together into more meaningful and relevant actions. In various contexts we can see such rendering of hybrid intelligence for meaningful objective goals that apps strive to fulfill.

The collective intelligence initiated by various sources of insightful outputs within an organisation can help a machine to process most relevant business driven insights for practical objectives. Now this collective intelligence can be further given a boost with the output of smart analytics and algorithms capable to deliver real time insights about business processes. Together with the intelligent output of the workforce and machine analytics can help boosting perfection and precision in decision making and strategy building. This is how hybrid intelligence can really make a big difference in the modern workplaces and decision making processes.

In the final analysis, intelligent and smart algorithms that make the basis of smart digital interactions across the niches are already a summation of human intelligence and advanced machine algorithms, machine learning and analytical output. In the time to come Artificial Intelligence will penetrate into more human endeavours making the scope of hybrid intelligence bigger and wider.

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