Can Chatbots Help Business Intelligence? If Yes, How

For the modern businesses, the terms like artificial intelligence, business intelligence software, machine learning, chatbots, etc are already common. All these things contextually utilised can help a business become smarter, responsive and insight driven. But in a real world situation how can a business really adapt to these intelligent tools? How can business users get the value out of business intelligence in for real time benefits? To help business users get most out of the BI software and analytics in real time, Chatbots became popular. Chatbots help in the adaptation of the business intelligence across several organisations and niches. How it is achieved we will see in the course of this post.

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence And Natural Language Help

The sophistication of artificial intelligence has reached a new height of excellence and presently it is now being incorporated into the so called consumer focused digital products and interfaces as well and this AI implementation is visible nowhere so expressly than through chatbots. Let us have a look at the recent developments in the AI based products and interfaces.

  • Natural language processing (NLP) capacity of high tech digital interfaces is one such recent development. Instead of needing to command and direct machine interface with programming languages, now even natural languages can be used without compromising on the responsiveness of the machine interfaces.
  • Virtual assistants Siri that can be directed and put to use with voice commands in natural languages is a crucial example of AI powered digital applications.
  • Voice commands used for a whole array of digital apps are examples of
    how AI powered apps can respond to human voice.

How BI Enabled Chatbots Can Add Value To The Day To Day Life?

Enabled ChatbotsLet us take a real life situation to explain how business intelligence adds immense value to the business process. When you enter a meeting want to give a presentation with all the granular data concerning your business, sales figures and comparative statistics, the business intelligence software can allow you accessing all the data in a proper format with a dashboard menu. That’s quite impressive and you can visually represent the data to your audience. But what about going to the next level of ease and engagement? What about using a chatbots instead that can vocally present the whole set of information?

Thanks to BI enabled chatbots business users can access to any information just by asking the respective questions loud and clear in their natural language. Most important of all, most of these chatbots just do not require any prior programming knowledge or computer background.

It Brings You Data As And When You Need

BI enabled chatbots are great for also accessing data from multiple sources and apps as and when you need them. When working on a particular app you do not need to switch over to another app to access the data you need. Staying on the same app or same page you can access any information you need with simple voice commands. With such contextually driven accessibility you can enjoy more productivity and efficiency.

Finally, chatbots are now more human than ever. They respond to human voice more accurately than ever before. The chatbots are now more equipped to allow human interactions than ever before. Naturally, powered by BI chatbots are considered to be generation next tool for business communication.



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